5 Reasons Why It’s Time To Get A New Website

Your business’s website is often the first experience a prospect has with your brand. It is a round-the-clock salesperson; it reflects your brand in every possible way and can be one of the most valuable marketing tools your business can have.

So, with this in mind, it is imperative that your website is running at peak capacity, doing everything it can to represent your brand and business with aplomb. Nothing reflects more poorly on a brand than a slow, outdated website.

Are you questioning whether it’s time to build a new website? If so, take a look at some of these critical reasons for doing just that.

1. Your Website Looks & Feels Archaic

If you think your website is unpleasant to look at, then there’s a good chance the user is thinking the same. You need an engaging, eye-catching website that puts your brand’s best foot forward. Remember, your website is a potential customer’s first impression. Is your business’s website out of style? Contemporary internet users favour style and simplicity over mess, and this can easily be the difference between converting or not.

2. Your Website No Longer Aligns With Your Brand

Has your business evolved over the past couple of years? Have you hired new employees, or added new products and services? Has your company undergone a rebrand? If so, there’s a good chance your website doesn’t accurately represent where your company is at. Your website should be a clear reflection of your company’s position and objectives. The site’s design should also reflect your brand and what you want to convey to prospects.

3. Your Website Has A High Bounce Rate

This is imperative. If you’ve been working hard on a sound digital marketing campaign and bringing in plenty of traffic, only to find that the second they access your page, they bounce, then it is time to consider a rebuild. A high bounce rate can indicate a number of things, either with navigation, content or the overall design of your website.

You should attempt to troubleshoot the specific reason as to why your website has a high bounce rate, and maybe you can fix it without a full redesign. However, if troubleshooting fails, it’s time to consider a full rebuild with the help of UX and UI professionals.

4. It Is Too Difficult To Update Content 

If you’re having a hard time updating website content, chances are you’re using an archaic content management system (CMS). It’s 2020, and there is no reason why updating and uploading new content should drive you up the wall. This does nothing but pull you away from handling the other aspects of your business, so if you’re finding it difficult to update your website’s content, it’s time for a rebuild.

5. Your Website Is Failing To Generate Leads 

Your website is a 24 hour salesperson, so it should be generating new leads. If it’s not, then there’s a real problem. There are numerous reasons as to why this might be the case, either your website doesn’t contain any calls to action (CTAs), it contains complicated landing pages and contact forms, it is difficult to navigate, or the content is of a poor standard.

As with a website having a high bounce rate, you might be able to troubleshoot the problem. But if this doesn’t work, it’s time for a redesign.

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