5 Top Tips – Write Content That Converts!

“Content” the golden egg of your website, right?  You can and probably have, spent hours writing paragraphs of content explaining how good your services are and why users should contact you.  But instead you’re getting crickets……. no-ones calling or no-ones buying.

Writing content that gets read and converts is easier than you think.  Here are my 5 tips for writing content or copy that grabs attention and converts.

  1. Short Sentences and Paragraphs

You must break your content up into bite sized chunks.  If everything is grouped into a long paragraph, your user will take one quick scan and if they don’t find a word or offering, they want they will simply move on with thinking ‘I’m not reading all that’.  Your customer is lazy and wants you to show them what they want – don’t hide it in lots of words….

The perfect way to layout your content is with an engaging headline, 1-2 paragraphs underneath.

My Pro Tip is to use lists. When scanning a page consumer naturally go down and stop at key points that stand out like:

  • Headings;
  • Bullet points;
  • lists.

See how the bullet points stand out, you couldn’t help reading them.

  1. Use Power words

Power words are the secret to engaging copy. We want to use words that feed into people’s ‘greed’ and ‘laziness’.  Everyone wants free stuff; they want to find the new secret thing that gives them a quick edge against their competitors. Use words that cover these things, like:

  • Free (everyone loves free stuff)
  • Instantly or fast (this tells them its fast)
  • New (everyone wants the best new thing)
  • Secret (tells them it’s a secret that will give them a competitive edge)
  • Top or best (tells them it’s the best)
  1. Keep it simple and conversational

When you are writing your content, you want to make it read how you speak.

Your users will have a nicer time reading content that is easy and fluid. A tip here is to think about what you want to say, record yourself saying it and then writing from that.

  1. Be a problem solver

When customers are looking for a service, they are looking for the answer to their problem. When you are writing your content instead of explaining the specifics of what you do, write how what you do is going to solve their problem.

Instead of “We build websites that look good and work” write “We build websites that convert your users into customers”

  1. Finish every page with a next step

Your customers don’t know what to do or where to go, so tell them. All of your content should finish with a next step. Every. Single. Time.

Whether it’s to fill in a form, click a button or pick up the phone you need to explain what you want them to do. Otherwise they might get to the end and check out your competitors.

Remember keep things short, simple, always have a next step and most importantly, don’t forget to spell check!

Happy writing folks.

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