7 Simple Steps to Increasing Facebook Organic Reach For Business

With the most recent Facebook algorithm update, we’re taking a look at organic reach, and how you can increase your results despite the changes. If you have experienced a decline in your page’s organic reach, you’re not alone. Algorithm changes, a decline in organic reach and endless prompts to “turn on” your Page Notifications. These have been some of the features of the recent social media landscape. So what is going on, exactly? After Facebook was embroiled in a “Fake News” scandal, they decided to switch up the algorithm or take more control over what content can be seen by users. Unfortunately for businesses, this algorithm change had dramatic effects on their pages’ organic reach, with a joint Buffer/BuzzSumo analysis of 43 million Facebook business pages finding that overall Facebook page engagement has dropped by 50 per cent since the change. That’s a really big fall, but there are certain things you can do to combat the changes and increase reach.

Here are seven of them.

1. Quality Over Quantity

In your social media content strategy, you need to be sure that your fans will love each post and want to interact with it. Work on your posts in a way that will surprise and attract your audience. This will improve your page’s engagement rate as well provide more content for the algorithm to share with more users.

2. Incentivise Your Engagement

Always try to invite users to share, click on a link or comment on your posts. Remind them of the action you’re eliciting from your audience to increase interactions from them.

3. Video Content is Key

Videos are an important element that are attractive and easy to consume. Therefore, they usually have a higher engagement rate and receive more shares. Use animations, subtitles and striking visuals to grab your user’s attention. Ensure you always upload them directly to Facebook as Facebook provides these videos priority over videos shared from YouTube and other video platforms. If you upload in this manner, your videos will be shared tenfold.  

4. Produce Content that Connects

Instead of focusing your content strategy on your brand, try to give the user the spotlight, especially your buyer persona. This content generates emotions in users and are highly successful in the social media spectrum. Know your audience and create content that they can connect with.

5. No Low-Quality Links

The new Facebook algorithm attempts to eliminate fake news or poor-quality content. Therefore, don’t publish any questionable links. If you’re trying to share links from your blog or curated content, ensure that it is quality content. Facebook will analyse the content before making it more visible.

6. Humanise Your Brand

Facebook wants to go back to being a platform where the conversation between users flows smoothly. Therefore, interact with your audience. Let users comment on your posts, reply to their enquiry messages and share other users’ content. Make sure your brand’s personality shines when producing such content.

7. Create Groups

Find a topic related to you brand and create a group for users to discuss, debate and share information. Create a group based around a specific topic where users can share specific content as well as gain access to updates and experiences. This provides you the opportunity to mix your content with your audience’s.

So, all in all creating a community around your brand and remember that marketing is less about the stuff you make and more about the stories you tell.

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