Five things that digital marketing should be for your business. And one thing it should never be!

Digital marketing is not just something you should consider, and it should never be an afterthought either – it is critical when it comes to reaching your target audience in the modern-day.Here are some tips, 5 to be exact, on exactly what digital marketing is and what it can do for your business. But first, let’s underline the one thing it should never be. A quirky bolt-on for your website.That is not to say it can’t contain some personality and even some humour, but those should never be the primary goals. Your content should work for you and should be strategised to reach your target audience. So with that in mind, here are the five things that your digital marketing should be for your business operations.

It should be a unified approach

Your digital marketing is going to create a sales funnel for your existing and potential customers, and the very top of that funnel is generating awareness. You need to remind your customers that you exist in all corners of the internet. Make sure you have a strong website design powering up your marketing efforts, all in line with your social media presence, email tactics, blog content and search engine optimisation. Combined, all of this makes for a compelling suite that amplifies awareness across the board. Don’t just rely on a single platform, create your brand and message and spread it across all channels your potential audience will be using.

Digital marketing can be offline

Businesses have been spruiking their wares through offline channels for generations, and there is no reason why you should discontinue that practice. Billboards on the side of the road and in shopping centres, for example, remain highly effective offline channels and many of them are digital in the modern world to be more engaging, interactive and eye-catching.

Your lines of communication should be two-way

You can clobber people over the head with your brand, products and services until the cows come home. Still, you are going to enjoy the most success when you develop a conversation with your audience. Make your posts and blogs highly engaging and encourage conversation and feedback.

Your marketing should be planned and strategised

This is not something you should do off the cuff. You need to research the trends that your target audience are following, their behaviours and the keywords that are most likely to reach them to be successful. This is not a set-and-forget process either as these metrics can shift and evolve – you must move and grow with them.

Remember old school techniques

Believe it or not, two of the leading marketing platforms in 2020 are email and SMS campaigns. Sometimes the older methods remain the most successful, and it is simple and highly cost-effective to reach your customers via these channels. These channels also enable you to deliver personalised messages, and they are two-way so your customers can chat back.


So, for those asking that question “What is Digital Marketing anyway?”……we hope this one helps give you some clarity and direction.

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