Importance of a KICK-ASS first image on your website

Images are awesome, they are a vital part of your website, they add depth, colour and emotion to your content.

Choosing the right images to spice up your content is a critical decision and should be treated as just as important as writing the content itself.

Did you know users on average spend 5.94 seconds looking at the main image on the page? That’s such a long time to be looking at 1 image which is why it is so important to pick the right one.

What you need to remember when picking the main image.

The number 1 thing you need to make sure of when choosing your main image is ensuring it properly fits the screen, there is nothing worse on a website when your big home page banner position at the top is populated by a small image which is stretched to fit the box causing it to become blurry.

On the flip side of an image being too small, is having an image that is far too big to be on the screen, it might look nice with a responsive design but the 15mb load time will kill the speed the page loads.

Quick tip: we want the page loading as fast as possible

What does this mean for image sliders?

Image sliders used to be a cool funky way of adding some movement to the page and showing your businesses different points of view. However recent information suggests that sliders are more damaging to your users experience then you will have believed. Sliders not only slow down the page load time which directly affects your users experience (also Google loves a fast website) but it can also be quite distracting and interrupt the users initial thoughts of what they were planning on doing.

Handy tools for sourcing and optimising images

Finding the right image is only half the battle, luckily there are many options for sourcing high quality photography online like Shutterstock, iStock, Getty images or if you’re looking for a free option try Unsplash.

Once you have the image you LOVE resize it to a proper size (1800px wide for full screen is a good size) using then compress that bad boy using

Images are a critical factor in your pages content and shouldn’t be rushed, take time finding an image that really reflects your brand or content and then don’t forget to optimise it!

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