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Instagram: no longer a photo sharing app?


The digital space is always changing and social media platforms are no exception. Once again there is a change we will just have to roll with…

On the 1st July the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri tweeted about some changes coming to Instagram. His message focussed mostly on the changing environment that is social media, and said that Instagram is “no longer a photo sharing app, or a square photo sharing app.” 


From research the good people at Instagram have concluded that the reason people are using their app is primarily for entertainment. Because of this there will be a push to work towards more video content and less photo content. Over the next couple of months Instagram will experiment with ‘recommendations’ to embrace mobile first, full screen video. This comes as a strategy to compete with the likes of TikTok and Youtube. 

Noting the change in peoples behaviours and needs over the Covid pandemic Mosseri mentions, “You’ll see us do a number of things, or experiment with a number of things in this space over the coming months.’’ Along with increased mobile first video features the app will focus on three other key areas:

  • Creators
  • Shopping
  • Messaging

Obviously those who are not confident in creating video content (we totally relate with you there) or rely on photo based content have criticized the announcement. The likes of photographers, camera shy folk and other concerned Instagram users have, understandably, voiced their concern about the changes. Do we really need another TikTok?

Mosseri though would like to assure us that Instagram will not move completely to video (thank goodness) tweeting that, ‘’We’re looking at new ways to entertain people. Video is a big part of that, but so are photos.’’

It is just not changes in video that Instagram will be trialling with over the next few months. As some people have already noticed there have been changes to photo sizes available meaning we no longer have to crop our images to a square, better fitting mobile functionality. 



As we keep an eye on the changes in Instagram features, figure out which is our good side and practice talking to a camera for the ten hundredth time we’ll just be grateful it will be a gradual change!

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