Marketing and Digital Marketing? Do you need both?


Oftentimes clients come to us thinking that they need a marketing strategist AND a digital marketer, but in reality, both these roles do pretty much the same thing.

Both a marketing expert (or strategist) and digital marketer will help you to promote your business, products and service with the aim to raise revenue.

Both these jobs require market research, trend analysis, competitor research, strategy development and of course implementing the four Ps of the marketing mix.

The goals of both these roles are the same, and while a marketing expert CAN help plan and execute a digital strategy, a digital marketer will ALWAYS help plan and execute a digital strategy.

Digital strategy basics

To help you get started with your digital strategy we suggest starting with:

✔️ Online marketing

✔️ SEO

✔️ SEM

✔️ Google Ads

✔️ Facebook Ads

✔️ Content Marketing and,

✔️ Social Marketing.

Your digital marketing should be…

A unified and comprehensive approach that focuses on two-way communication through a planned strategy. Read more about that here!

Through all the different channels, touchpoints and communications, a digital marketer will be able to…

👍 identify where your target market is and separate them into target audiences.

👍 determine the most effective channels for your messages and audiences.

👍 alter content and designs to specific to different channels and audiences.

👍 help create or implement a social media strategy.

👍 assist with content such as blogs.

👍 optimize your website and all other touchpoints for search engines.

👍 create or assist with email campaigns.

👍 ensure that all these are done in such a way that assists your goals and outcomes.

We know that for small businesses there is already a lot of management, staffing, tax, fees etc. to stress over.

Why not streamline your marketing management by allowing just one to do it all for you? Not only will it be cheaper and correspondence easier, but the overall strategy and campaigns will align more comprehensively.

KBB Digital Marketing

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