Need to Know: Why Pop-Ups Kill Conversion

Pop-ups can be as divisive as working on the weekends: Should you do it?

Discover the importance of strategic timing, accessible exits and the risk of making too many assumptions.

What Pop-Up Tactics To Avoid

The use of popups is a controversial topic. In spite of what you may read about them, they can and do serve an important role in online marketing.

Let’s go through how you can use popups effectively as part of your marketing campaign, while steering clear of the pitfalls of incorrect usage.

(1) If you are using a popup as part of your marketing, it should be used as a type of Call-To-Action (CTA). It needs to be serving a genuine purpose, be relevant and enticing to the users, and shouldn’t harm the user experience.

(2) Use popups sparingly, less really is more when it comes to popups.

(3) One of the biggest mistakes developers make when using popups, is that they set them to trigger too soon. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of visiting a website and as soon as the page loads, a popup is forced before you’ve even had a chance to read any of the content. Most users find that annoying, and it can result in higher than necessary bounce rates. There are certain points that achieve a better engagement rate, including, when some has read through a certain point of a page, perhaps 50% of the way down. Or when they have items in their basket, however haven’t checked out, it could be a good time to offer free shipping.

(4) Always make it obvious how someone can close a popup. Don’t assume that your visitors know they can click anywhere off the popup to close it, include a traditional “X”, “close”, or “No thanks” so the user experience isn’t compromised. And, if they’ve clicked “No thanks”, it’s best to assume they’e not interested in the offer, so don’t present it again.

(5) Similarly, don’t have popups appearing one after another, one is plenty.

(6) Lastly, like regular CTAs, you’ll probably want to employ some form of A/B Testing. You can trial different versions of a popup and compare their effectiveness, measuring to see which version has the highest conversion rate.

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