Proven Call to Action Tweaks That Actually Convert

Are your marketing campaigns falling on deaf ears?

If you haven’t implemented well researched, effective call to actions (CTA) throughout your customer’s journey your messages are simply not optimised for conversion.

For a successful inbound marketing campaign KBB Digital believes that a strategic and iterative approach is critical.  Learn the importance of strategic placement, optimisation and the magical number of words you need to improve your click through potential.

How To Craft The Perfect Call To Action

Your Call-To-Action, CTA, is an integral part of your digital marketing campaign, so it’s vital that you get it right, as it can be the difference between making a sale, and having someone navigate away from your page.

Offer customers a good user experience, by having a logical site navigation structure and a well-written “About Us” page so people know who they are dealing with. Show that you are trustworthy by displaying social proof, for example, testimonials or reviews with photos and names of actual customers, or even links to their websites or social profiles so that people can see that these are real reviews, not just made up ones.

As most of your visitors will likely be using mobile devices you’ll want your CTA to be in a prominent position on the screen when using this device, for example, “above the fold”.

Your CTA should be themed in a way that is consistent with the rest of your layout, however, it also needs to stands out. For example, a bright purple or pink button might stand out, but it might not backfire from a marketing perspective if you are trying to sell golf clubs to men.

Make sure to choose your CTA’s wording carefully. Creating a sense of urgency helps increase conversion rates, but be mindful not to be too pushy.

Your CTA should be simple and short. Ideally no more than 3-5 words.

Make the process simple. Something that turns people off quickly is when a website asks for too much information. Only obtain the information that is absolutely critical, then ask for more as time progresses.

You need to test everything. One form of testing that we cannot recommend strongly enough is to employ A/B testing. This simply means that you create multiple versions of your CTA and send them to different segments of your audience and then compare results to find which is most effective. Remember to only change one thing at a time. If you change the text, the size of the button and the colour all at the same time, you won’t know the reason why the winning CTA was the most popular.

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