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Trade Secrets: Stunning SEO Results With 3 Expert Tools

Setting up a successful SEO campaign can be tricky business for first timers. When it comes to optimising your ranking the top 3 things you need to consider are your objectives, the content itself and SEO techniques. Explore the art of search engine optimisation and what it takes to become a headline act.

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Measuring the success of your SEO campaign needs to be considered from three points of view –your objectives, the content itself, and whether your search engine optimisation techniques are working effectively. This often overlooked stage should happen before you develop any content and before you even consider the structure and design of your website.

Google’s search algorithms are all about matching user intent with relevant content. If you aren’t giving your visitors exactly what they are looking for you will not capture your audience effectively. You need to make your website as friendly as possible for search bots so that they have no problems understanding and categorising your content. In 2018, that means ensuring your content is designed with a mobile-first strategy, responsive so it adapts to any screen size on any device, and is fast loading.

Don’t expect immediate results: it’s not uncommon for it to take six months to a year to see genuine SEO growth. Just ensure you’re always moving in the right direction and eventually you’ll get there. If you’re trying to obtain brand exposure, and your content is really appealing we might expect organic growth—that is people linking to our content because it is so good. Whereas if you’re purely driving sales, the measure of success here is easy to determine because you can simply measure the dollar value of sales over a set time period.

But to truly measure your SEO you need to look at different factors;  your ranking change over time,  your organic growth over time and ultimately the number of  conversions driven specifically from organic search.   For most small business this will usually mean an increase in sales . But if you are getting an increase in traffic without conversion you need to asses if your offers are genuinely enticing, it is one thing to get someone on a page it is an entirely different thing to a generate that sale.

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