Trust Signals Your Customers Go Crazy For

One key metric to look for when evaluating the performance of your website is bounce rates: What is the percentage of visitors leaving your website soon after loading?

If you have a particularly high bounce rate you need to consider what trust signals you are using and how effective they are in making browsers feel welcome. Web development expert Jake Crone explores the top 3 ways your business can improve your profile.

No matter how good your website is, a certain percentage of visitors will come to your website and then leave immediately. That’s called a bounce and it’s not a great outcome when you’re trying to grow your business.  The biggest reason that people bounce from your site is a lack of trust, an effective way of keeping these potential customers on your website is to look at increasing trust signals on your homepage.

So what are trust signals? Well they’re pieces of information that assure your customers that they should feel confident to use your business.  There are 3 main trust signals that we know are worth looking at.

  1. A clean modern web design, compelling content that uses proper grammar and correct spelling, high-quality images that are real and related to the content.
  2. Signs of social acceptance, such as Facebook Likes and tweets, an instagram profile and a good social media following.
  3. Signs of proof of concept that you’ve actually delivered what you say you’ll deliver.  These can come in the forms of testimonials and examples of your product or work done for exisiting clients.

There are many more ways to build trust but these are the main ones that we find make the greatest difference to bounce rate. Getting these right will go a long way to building enough trust to keep your visitors on your site and dependent on the rest of your website, increasing conversions.

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