What to do when your product is rejected on Facebook


Being a business owner can be stressful enough. When Facebook decides that one of your products isn’t appropriate to be sold or promoted it can be overwhelming, especially when the product is completely safe and within the Facebook guidelines. If this has happened to you don’t fret. It is generally a simple fix.

You may have received a notification or email stating that one of your products in your Facebook Commerce Catalogue has been rejected. If you receive this notification or email you’ll need to head over to your Facebook page then:

Head to ‘Manage Shop’.



Click on ‘Go To Commerce Manager’.



Open up your ‘Catalog’ items.



Once you have done that you are basically just going to click on anything (in the catalogue) with a red dot. The red dots are there to tell you something is wrong and eventually; you will see an information ‘i’.



Click on the ‘i’ and it will tell you, briefly, why your product was rejected.



Once you are at this stage you will be able to open up the description for more detail. Facebook has a long list of restricted and prohibited content which you will find when you click on the underlined part of the brief description, or you can click here.


It is a good idea to do this because you can read through and figure out why your item may have been rejected. It is likely that an algorithm reviewed the item and picked up on a few keywords so, try and separate what you know about the product and focus more on what is actually written, and how it may be interpreted.


Once you have determined why your product may have been rejected it is time to send a review request. This can be found on the item listing (where the ‘i’ was) and all you will need to do is click on ‘Review Request’.



Simply type in a clear explanation of why your product doesn’t fall under the prohibited and restricted category Facebook thought it did, and send it off… Simples.


Now, it may take a day or so to be approved as these go to real people, who no doubt have a whole lot of these to work through, but more often than not your product will be accepted. You may need to go in and check over the next few days but soon enough you should see the red dot has disappeared and your product is good to go for advertising or selling.



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