Which Social Media Platform Should Your Business Be On?


Defining your target audience and creating a marketing persona is a great place to start.  Knowing who your audience is will help you work out where they are on social media.

Defining your target audience 

The start of any marketing plan is working out “who” your audience is and creating a profile.

You’ll need to determine things like:

  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Interests;
  • Education;
  • Income;
  • Location;
  • Values;
  • Fears;
  • Challenges;
  • Wants;
  • Needs; etc……….you get the drift.

Once you’ve got this nutted out you can build your business profile to appeal to your potential customers. Then your ability to empathise with their needs and help them deal with their problems will mean that you can start to build a relationship that coverts your targeted audience into loyal followers and then customers.

Before you ask, your target audience can be more than one group (yep that’s entirely possible and quite common). If this is the case for your business, you’ll need to modify your strategy to connect with each separate target audience.


Creating your businesses marketing persona.

This marketing persona is like creating a person or voice that speaks directly to your potential customer.  In their language at their level on the platforms they use.

If your business services a diverse range of audiences, then you’ll need to create more than one persona.  Maybe even up to 5, but certainly no more.

If you’re wondering how the heck you work all this out, your Google Analytics is a great place to start and can show you a lot about your website visitors.

Things like:

From this info you can begin to formulate your marketing persona.  Here’s an example…..


Once you have completed a few personas or at least one – it’s time to write down the tone and voice of your different social media accounts.

It’s best to use adjectives to describe your brand, this will help your tone and voice in your social media presence.

Try this:

Write down the values of your business in a few key words.  Maybe your business is intelligent, witty, serious, or creative – you can also describe your business in phrases like, it is a best friend, it makes you push yourself or even love.

Some brand examples:

Red Bull:  Adventure, Adrenaline, Try

Apple:  Innovative, Dream, Inspire

Red Balloon:  Bucket List, Adrenaline, Fun, Adventure

Your brand persona will tell you your voice but depending on who or which audience segment you’re talking to or on which platform you’re speaking, will determine your choice of tone. If you’re scratching your head, think of this it this way.  Your business (a commercial plumbing business) is professional, expert and reliable. Your voice or the words you use will show this in all communication – however your tone may vary, depending on your social platform.  Just as your tone will differ in everyday life, determined by your audience.

Some Examples:

Tone on LinkedIn
Professional, factual, showing expertise in field, informative, to the point, share industry news etc;

Tone on Facebook
Informative, factual, friendly, open, show examples of work or share testimonials;

Tone on Instagram
Informative, inspirational, warm, fun, show great images of work done, happy clients, team shots with lighter info about the business and team.

That’s a lot to take in but doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Remember that any “marketing” is really talking to your customer and meeting them wherever they are.  KISS is a great acronym to use when pulling all this together.  Keep It Simple Stupid.  I did not just call anyone stupid, however the message here is simplicity.

Determine who your customer is and where they are and talk to them on the platforms they use.  Meet them at their level, this will build trust and allow you to solve their problems with your businesses’ goods and or services.

And hey, if you need a hand we’re always here!  Doing what we do and loving what we do!

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