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Digital Marketing is a full-on activity that can often be a minefield of jargon, money spending, unknowns and disappointment if you aren’t quite sure where to invest or who to target. This was the case for a client who came to us from overseas, as they were having trouble navigating the Australian market. After 7 months (and counting) of hard work, from them and us, we have seen a massive improvement in their return on ad spend, brand awareness and traffic… so much so that they have been recognised and contacted by Australian industry/government departments.

Read more on how we helped our client gain traction using a multi faceted Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign, in a new and foreign market.

Who is the client?

An international online medical testing organisation with a niche market that provide specific testing services. They had been successful overseas and had grown to a point where they could now offer their product to the Australian market. They had been in the Australian market for three years prior to reaching out to us.


Why did they reach out to us?

This organisation had been using the same digital marketing strategies they had successfully used in the past, but the Australian market just wasn’t responding in the same way as their overseas markets. Unfortunately, due to our health care system, some of the usual points of difference and key selling points weren’t translating to the Australian market and brand awareness was just about nonexistent. The product offered is a high-cost/value product with alternatives in the market that appear to be cheaper but are in fact quite different and added to this was the differences in our health system – it took a different focus/angel to gain the traction needed.

Our client wanted a local agency with an understanding of the market and Australian health care so that they could create a more effective and targeted strategy. They reached out to us as a digital agency based in Australia who coincidentally have staff in England, to help them develop and implement a local strategy specifically for the Australian market.


What did we recommend?

To solve the problem of a lack of local awareness and engagement in the Australian market we suggested a complete shake up of their Australian ads and SEO strategies.

We suggested starting off with some strong Google Ad Campaigns and a Brand Awareness Campaign across multiple social platform channels to help boost their initial presence and local awareness. This would help drive traffic to their website and create some recognition and authority in the market.

To drive more traffic and encourage purchases our SEO recommendations included updates to their website, including added pages, long and short tail keywords, optimisations to have their site better rewarded by google and improved the UX on the site and increase engagement across the board.

The combined efforts of Google Ad Campaigns, Brand Awareness Ad Campaign and SEO would help to improve the organisation’s searchability, and awareness, and drive more traffic – leading to more sales.


What did we do

To start with we updated their Google Ads and implemented some Youtube and social media ad campaigns to raise brand awareness, specifically targeting key audience groups in Australia.  To ensure longevity and create strong online authority, we rolled out an extensive SEO campaign for their Australian website. This included adding pages, content, keyword research and strategy, blogs, and more.  This has been an ongoing process for months and we have tweaked and refined our strategies based on our results, continuing to improve the ads and SEO and ensuring that our client was receiving the most effective services for their money.


The results

Over 7 months the Year Over Year result had seen a $20K increase in sales, all while spending $1.2K less on Google ads. Their return on ads spend was now 3:1 which was a massive improvement especially given the product is a high cost/value product.

Social media ads also reflected strong improvements to sales, showing a 4:1 return on ad spend. Their brand awareness ads were getting a huge increase in traction, so much so that they prompted industry/government departments to contact them regarding their services.


What now?

Digital marketing is not a one-off activity. It involves constant analysis, adjustments, research and application over weeks, months and even years. Through continued ads and SEO campaigns, our client will be able to continue making waves in the health industry, focussing on supplying more of their products across the Australian market.




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