Ultimate Guide to Youtube Marketing in 2019

With over 4 billion videos watched per day and over 800 million visitors per month, Youtube presents an incredible opportunity for brands to reach their market.

To take full advantage of this platform KBB Digital experts list their top considerations for producing expert content. Learn how to launch a well researched video campaign with compelling messages, polished post production and optimisation for search.

How to Master Youtube For Your Business

The use of video content has grown significantly in recent years and forecasts predict that it will become increasingly important in the coming years.

Videos, like regular content, require optimisation. So let’s look at some of the most important aspects.

The first video optimisation step is to make sure videos are recorded effectively. Do your best to ensure you minimise shaky movements, have clear and clean audio, have adequate lighting and utilise video editing software to remove unnecessary segments. You also need to select the right length for the video. In many cases, it’s better to break longer videos down into separate chapters to be included as part of a playlist.

The video title is usually the most important factor when people are searching for something, so it needs to be simple, but informative. Avoid using titles longer than 60-65 characters if you can. Try to incorporate keywords, however don’t sacrifice the quality or relevance of your title just for the sake of including keywords. We also see descriptions & tags being utilised. Like a webpage, the description, should summarise what the video is about in more detail. And tags are utilised to help guide Google into categorising your video. You can think of them as keywords for videos.

Finally, thumbnails are used as a preview image, and as you’d expect, first impressions count. Rather than letting YouTube grab a random frame as a preview, take the time to fully utilise that preview image. You can add images and text overlays to effectively inform your user about the video, or your brand, before they even watch the video.

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